We Are Experts In Desktop Refurbishing

Welcome to the home of the best in refurbished desktops. Browse our extensive collection of desktop models from all the leading manufacturers and discover truly amazing discounts and offers for premium machines at prices you'll find hard to beat . We can provide whatever you're looking for, from the latest HP desktop to a refurbished Acer desktop. With an astonishingly wide selection to choose from, you'll find that we've got everything all under one roof. We specialize in buying and reconditioning desktop PCs . Maybe it's that Dell desktop you've had your eye on, or an Asus desktop that you'd swear was brand new: we guarantee the quality and performance of all our machines. Why Us?

What are refurbished desktops?

The PC desktop industry never stands still. There are new models and bits of hardware being produced and refined every day, constantly stretching the envelope of what is possible. Buying these high end machines is very expensive however, and the penalty for operating at the bleeding edge of technology is that these new machines can be highly temperamental. Our highly trained and specialist engineers take these machines that have developed faults, correct them and make them available to you, the public, at a much more reasonable price. We can also offer you more flexibility in how you have your desktop built and configured. Many manufacturers will offer you a comparatively limited range of machines, and frequently change common features when they discontinue a line to bring out a new version. Buying an Asus desktop or a HP desktop need not be so frustrating any more with the extra flexibility and value for money that we can bring you. We can provide the equivalent of any given Dell desktop, for example, or build that Acer desktop just the way you want it, saving the dollars in your pocket all the way.

How can we help ?

Our team of dedicated refurbishment experts is available to help with any questions about refurbished desktops that you might have. Ask about any of the leading manufacturers such as Dell, Acer, Gateway, Asus, HP, Lenova, eMachines, Apple and more. We can help you:

  • Choose the best model for your needs .
  • Answer any queries you may have about their capabilities.
  • Arrange extended warranties.
  • Repair your existing desktop.
  • Upgrade your desktop.

Finding a new machine or repairing and upgrading your old one has never been so easy . Call us to discuss your requirements and see what offers we can make you. We sell only the highest quality machines to customers, direct from the manufacturers. Shop with us, and be reassured in knowing that whatever the brand, it has been checked over thoroughly, and that you are buying the best desktop machines at the cheapest prices possible .

If you're looking for an Asus desktop, we have the full Essentio range in stock. If you prefer the sleek lines of a HP desktop, including multicore processors. We have the Aspire and Veriton ranges if you prefer an Acer desktop, and ask about the Optiplex machines if you're looking for a Dell desktop. We have all these, and more, waiting for you .